Premine (PRE)

How and Where to participate in PREMINE (PRE).


Preminer Balance: 475,000 / 750,000 PRE

The Preminer is currently in Beta mode. Soon there will be a variety of ICO tokens that can be obtained from The Preminer. For now, you can send a minimum of 25,000 PRE to the address below and you will receive a random token basket to your Ethereum wallet which your sent PRE from. Preminer runs for 7 days each month and stops when it reaches 750,000 PRE or hits the 7th day. After 7 days distribution of token basket begins.

Token Basket Will Contain: MIPS, VIB, MCAP, LMC, DENT, HVN, EDG, BCN, and ART

Send PRE to the following address: 0xE64f3849b7549C84238367513d07172c71D396F8